let’s be honest here, who would ‘t cheat in chemistry

next level cheating.

this is some naruto shit

It’s like that episode of soul eater


I don’t mean to interrupt people I just randomly remember things and get really excited I’m sorry


Sorry I haven’t been connected recently guys, I have been sooo busy with college. I’m liking it a lot, and the transitions hasn’t been hard at all (although i do miss home and my family and friends) and well…yeah. Also, there are a lot of asian guys here, some of which me and my friend find attractive and they pretty much know it, so now we’re trying to like idk. be less obvious XD but yeah. 

Classes are nice. I’m taking Japanese 101, Drawing 1, Intro. To Multimedia Computing. and a first year seminar. I’m liking my class, although I don’t really have a favorite. I have great friends and employees from the school and upperclassmen who are taking care of me and my friend/roommate. 

I’ll try to update more (and better) on what’s going on with my life, to like, let you guys know I’m still here. 

Well, have a good day/night. Byee :3

Be careful who you vent to.
—Realest shit I’ve heard all morning. (via itsthelesbiana)




Body comparisons. 

this makes me feel alive

obsessed with this



Behold, a 120+ year old rhododendron

They rarely grow into anything larger than a shrub, yet alone a tree! 

Why does this not have more notes??

Because we’re scared


Sorry, I have been missing in action lately guys. I need to tell you sooo much, but literally i barely have time to drink water, like for real college is so time consuming (but i’m having fun and liking it) Hope this weekend I’ll be able to update more, since it’s a long weekend. 


the only ship i need is a scholarship can i get a hallelujah





whenever i have those brutal searing being-dissolved-from-inside period cramps during school or work i pretend i am a viking warlord who has been stabbed in the abdomen but i killed the assailant so i’m the only one who knows im injured and i have to carry on normally til the end of the battle to keep up my mens morale

this is good

Gonna adopt this method of dealing